Flexographic Label Printing

Versatile and High Quality Printing Services to Meet Your Business Needs

Give KER Graphics a call on 028 9044 9949 to get started. Flexographic label printing is fast, cost effective and offers a wealth of labelling possibilities. Let us show you how.

There are many reasons to choose flexographic label printing, but one of the most important considerations is cost. Here at KER Graphics, we understand that many of our customers are looking to order their label supplies in various quantities , to gain access to the best prices possible.

The Flexographic label printing process is able to handle medium and high output levels and is therefore, the ideal choice for orders from 2000 – 1000000+ in single or multiple colours . We use the latest in printing equipment and techniques and can work with a wide assortment of high quality materials. Whether you are looking for a large run of the same labels or a number of runs for a variety of labels using different materials or printing processes, we can help.

We have over 25 years of print experience, and will work closely with you to ensure we meet your printing needs, head on. Quick turnaround, the latest printing technology and outstanding customer service are just some of the reasons we are a leading name in flexographic printing in Northern Ireland and the UK today.

State-of-the-Art High Speed Printing that Ensures Quick Turnaround and Cost Effective Prices

Flexographic label printing isn’t a new technology by any means, and it is a service we have been offering our customers for decades. This printing process has evolved a great deal since we first started. It is today, one of the most cost effective and dependable ways to produce high quality labels that stand out.

There are many advantages to choosing flexographic label printing, including:

  • Product on rolls – Many packaging components require a high speed printing process when it comes to producing labels. We use the very latest in high-speed printing presses and can produce product on rolls very quickly to suit your exact requirements.
  • One Colour to Full Colour – Using the flexographic label printing process, enables us to print economically single or multiple colour labels . Theses colours can be matched to pantone references or any mixes required . Full colour CMYK process printing can also be produced.
  • High-speed printing – Flexographic printing eliminates the need to feed sheets into the printing press. This means that rolls of material can be used and that the printing press can be used at higher speeds, saving you time and money.

Discuss Your Flexographic Printing Requirements

We make the process of ordering your labels easy. One call to our team is all it takes to get started. Our in-house design studio will take care of your every need if you require new labels to be designed. We can also accept digital files to recreate labels you have designed or used previously.

You can rest assured that we use only the highest quality materials for every print run, and can work closely with you to handle any size order. We care about your business, and will ensure you are delighted with the results.